The PERCEPTION group is jointly associated with INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes (in Montbonnot Saint-Martin) and with Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann (LJK). The main research interests of the

Center for Vision Research

The Centre for Vision Research (CVR) at York University focuses on human and machine vision research. Uniting researchers from psychology, computer science & engineering, biology and kinesiology


Formerly known as the Humanistic Intelligence Lab, the EyeTap Personal Imaging Lab specializes in the areas of personal imaging, mediated reality and wearable computing. The lab name change clearly


Understanding how intelligence works is largely recognized as one of the most formidable endeavors of science to date with virtually unlimited technological fallout.By acknowledging the key role


The unifying theme of the Laboratory for Imagery, Vision and Artificial Intelligence (LIVIA) research team lies in the field of visual perception of 2D and 3D scenes, as well as artificial

Aachen University of Technology - Language Processing and Pattern Recognition (Computer Science VI)

The research activities of this group cover the following applications: speech recognition large vocabulary recognition multi-lingual speech recognition speaker independent and adaptive speech

ANU Biorobotic Vision

Over the past 10 years, research in our Insect Vision, Navigation and Cognition Laboratory and elsewhere has revealed a number of principles by which insects see, control flight, and navigate. The

Biomedical Image Analysis Group

The group BioMedical Image Analysis & Interpretation (head: prof. Bart ter Haar Romeny) focuses since 2001 on the quantitative analysis and 3D visualization of high-dimensional medical images.

Cognitive Ubiquitous Computing Lab

The Center for Cognitive Ubiquitous Computing (CUbiC) at Arizona State University is an inter-disciplinary research center focused on cutting edge research targeting a variety of applications.Most

Computational Imaging Lab at University of Central Florida

Computational Imaging Lab (CIL) of Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at University of Central Florida aims to promote research and education in Image Processing, Computer

Computer Vision Lab at Gebze Institute Of Technology

The Computer Vision Lab at Gebze Institute of Technology is dedicated to advancement of the science of Computer Vision. Their main motivation is to employ these advancements for practical vision


The Computer Vision & Media Technology Laboratory (CVMT) was founded in 1984 as The Laboratory of Image Analysis (LIA). The major research areas of the laboratory are: Computer Vision