Groups/ VIVA

VIVA lab was founded in 1999 within the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (formerly School of Information Technology and Engineering) at the University of Ottawa. Its name stands for the research areas that the team focuses on:

  • Video Processing and Coding
  • Image Processing and Analysis
  • Computer Vision
  • Autonomous Systems


We conduct research in:

Stereoscopic imaging, image sampling and reconstruction, color spaces and color image demosaicking, computer vision, image and video analysis, visual surveillance, computer graphics, computational photography, machine vision, 3D sensing and modelling, human motion capture, gesture analysis, tactile sensing and dexterous robotic manipulation, robot navigation, automation and intelligent manufacturing, computational intelligence, road safety, home security, embedded vision technologies.

Since its establishment, VIVA lab members have

  • Maintained a close connection with the industry through research grants/contracts and through cofounding several local startups.
  • Established and maintained connections with the national research funding agencies for over three decades.
  • Collaborated with research labs which are affiliated to the same school in uOttawa, including SMART and DISCOVER labs, in addition to other distinguished research labs in Europe.
  • Filed several patents.
  • Obtained several university-wide and nation-wide recognitions.
  • Gained the fellowship of renowned national and international professional associations.
  • Joined the editorial/reviewing committee of the most reputable periodicals in their areas.
  • Been featured regularly in local press and the University’s strategic marketing campaigns.

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