Groups/ ALCOR

ALCOR - Vision, Perception and Cognitive Robotics laboratory, from the University of Rome 'La Sapienza' has been established in 1998. The research activity focuses mainly on biologically inspired computer vision, attention-based saliency prediction and articulated motion analysis.

The group studies and develops both methods of representation and methods of inference related to  the perceptual process. Starting from early attention, ALCOR study many aspects of audio-visual salience, as induced by motion,  actions, interactions. They are also interested in how classification of these different aspects of the concept of salience can lead to the recognition of different patterns of human behaviours, and in general to the recognition of how events unfold in the environment .

Their aim is to emphasize the recognition process as an effective inference process that can inform and determine the formation of knowledge about the environment, about how events are determined and induced, and about their spatio-temporal relations. They study this via different aspects  of the recognition process,  3D reconstruction, people facial expression interpretation, motion interpretation, shape analysis, bottom-up attention in audio-visual scenes, natural images for visual localization, probabilistic and logical models of actions prediction.

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