About Us

First of all – what is Computer Vision? This term refers to the technology that has brought you…

  • Face recognition
  • Virtual reality gadgets
  • Sensory detection
  • Holographic imaging
  • Automated behavior analysis

… and much more. Simply put, computer vision is a computer’s attempt at mimicking human eyesight; well, it is more than that!. This is a field of study that has advanced from academic institutions, to industrial laboratories, and to several deployable systems we use today. So what is this online addendum? Who are we, really?

We are committed to centralizing current and developing knowledge in the field of computer vision through an online community

Computer Vision Online allows researchers and enthusiasts to exchange ideas and information, build on their own and others’ previous achievements, and thereby prevent the reinvention of the wheel. This is the age of information, after all.

So what are we doing to accomplish our goal? Amongst other things we are

  • Listing different source codes
  • Setting up access to datasets
  • Showcasing information about upcoming or past events
  • Listing job openings
  • Writing online tutorials

and of course, listening to you.

This website is organized by Amin Sarafraz, a PhD graduate from the University of Miami with expertise in computer vision and photogrammetry. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at:

If you have an idea, or an interesting project that you think computer vision or machine learning could help, please feel free to contact us for a free consulting session.