Software/ Active Appearance Models API

The AAM-API is a C++ implementation of the Active Appearance Model framework. It can be used as a traditional API by linking in an AAM library, or it can be used as a precompiled command line program, e.g. as a part of an image analysis course. The complete package includes the AAMLab, various Matlab scripts for shape annotation and communication with the API, source code documentation and project files.

The AAMLab is a windows program that presents a GUI front-end to some of the functionality offered by the API. This includes running model searches, real-time visualisation of the modes of variation and training set annotation.

The software runs on the Windows platform and is partly based on the following software libraries:

  • MS VisionSDK - image, vector and matrix handling etc.
  • LAPACK - matrix handling, eigen and singular value decompositions etc.

Microsoft Visual C++ is required to recompile or modify the source code.