Groups/ Machine Vision Laboratory at UWE

The Machine Vision Laboratory (MVL) at the University of the West of England is part of the Department of Engineering Design and Mathematics in the Faculty of Environment and Technology. The group aims to solve practical computer vision problems with direct application to the real world. The group’s particular excellence lies in the sub-fields of three-dimensional reconstruction and surface inspection.

The objective of the Machine Vision Research Group has been to establish an internationally recognised centre of excellence in fundamental and applied research. The team has aimed to achieve this by:

  • Undertaking original, cutting edge research
  • Winning research and consultancy contracts from both commercial and publicly funded bodies world-wide
  • Demonstrating excellence in research through international publication
  • Networking with other such centres both in UK and abroad

The Machine Vision Laboratory was established in 1999 and has developed rapidly in terms of its size, experience, and the reputation of its team members. They have pioneered the application of an innovative technique known as Photometric Stereo in industry, medicine and defence/security. The laboratory has also developed expertise in the application of general three-dimensional techniques for computer vision, all of which offer significant advantages over existing two-dimensional methods. These special advantages can be of vital importance where surface reflectance and/or shape data are central to the application. Another distinctive feature of the laboratory is their significant emphasis on both hardware design and algorithm development.

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