Groups/ GREL

The Geospatial Research and Education Lab (GREL), is a research group with research interests in Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information Science (GISc). In remote sensing and image processing, they work in processing and analysis of high-resolution remote sensing images, atmospheric remote sensing, radar & SAR remote sensing and interferometry, oceanography, photogrammetry, and lidar. In GISc, they possess expertise in GIS core & theory, spatial data modeling, web and mobile GIS, functional programming, location-based services, and disaster management & mitigation. Their interdisciplinary researchers work on cloud & aerosol physics, satellite meteorology, air pollution, and climate change. GREL has established or is currently establishing international research collaborations with NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, International Center for Integrated Mountain Research and Development, University of Colorado at Boulder, and International Foundation for Science, among others. 

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