Datasets/ Interestingness Dataset

The Interestingness Dataset is a collection of movie excerpts and key-frames and their corresponding ground-truth files based on the classification into interesting and non-interesting samples. It is intended to be used for assessing the quality of methods for predicting the interestingness of multimedia content.

The delivered package contains the development and test sets for the MediaEval 2016 Predicting Media Interestingness Task. It is composed of:

  • Shots and key-frames from a set of 78 Hollywood-like movie trailers of different genres
  • The corresponding ground truth
  • Additional low-level and mid-level features

All or part of the content is distributed under CC license. The researcher commits to use the content in line with its provisions. Should any provision of the CC license and this license be irreconcilable, the CC license will prevail. The content contains the relevant credits, in accordance with the CC license. The researcher won’t, in any circumstance, delete or alter such credits. The researcher will find such license here.

Related publications:

  • C.-H. Demarty, M. Sjöberg, B. Ionescu, T.-T. Do, H. Wang, N. Q. Duong, and F. Lefebvre. “Mediaeval 2016 predicting media interestingness task”, in proceeding of the MediaEval 2016 Workshop, Hilversum, Netherlands, October 20-21, 2016 PDF